Civilians killed in Ukraine war exceed 7,000: UN

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The number of civilians killed in Ukraine from the start of the war has surpassed the barrier of 7,000 people, as reported today by the Office of the United Nations for Human Rights.

In addition to the 7,068 deaths, another 11,415 civilians have been injured in the course of the conflict.

Since January 1, the organization recorded 132 deaths and 372 injured peoplewhich shows a reduction in victims compared to previous months.

The most dangerous regions for civilians since the start of the war have been Donetsk and Lugansk, territories partially occupied by Russia, where more than half of the deaths (4,121) have occurred and 5,782 people have been injured.To date, 2,800 men, 1,895 women, 223 boys and 180 girls have been identified among the deceased.

94% of the victims died from the bombardments and the rest did so from land explosives and antipersonnel mines.

In any case, the human rights office warned that the figure provided this Monday is incomplete, since it considers that the victims in cities such as Mariupol, Izium, Lisichansk, Popasna or Severodonetsk, all in the east of the country, may be many. more than those so far confirmed.

In addition to this, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putinassured that the Russian victory in Ukraine "is inevitable" and that the military-industrial sector is already capable of practically replacing foreign manufacturers that have abandoned the national market.

“From the point of view of the final result and the victory, which is inevitable, there are several things that have not disappeared and that underlie our victory. This is the unity and solidarity of the Russian people. It is the courage and heroism of our fighters and the work of the military-industrial complex and the entire economy," Putin said at a plant of the arms maker Almaz-Antey.

Ukraine has suffered difficult casualties, such as the death of Minister of the Interior of UkraineDenis Monastirski, on January 18 when the helicopter in which he was traveling fell, near a nursery in the Ukrainian city of Brovary, located in the kyiv region.

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