Ciudad Obregón will play a stellar role in the economic development of Sonora: Alfonso Durazo

Sonora.- With the investment in rehabilitation and construction of industrial parks, Ciudad Obregón will play a stellar role in the economic development of the state and will be integrated into the Sonora Plan for Sustainable Energies, reported Governor Alfonso Durazo Montaño.

The Sonoran president explained that 220 million pesos will be invested to rehabilitate urban infrastructure in the current industrial park: 110 by the state and 110 by the companies that are already installed there.

He added that construction of two industrial warehouses will begin this month on land surrounding the airport, by a private company that will form part of an industrial park, which will complement the airport facilities, which, being administered by the Secretary of the Navy , like those of Guaymas, will be one of the slopes of the Sonora Plan.

“With this infrastructure we are going to facilitate or improve the attractions of Ciudad Obregón for the establishment of the investment. There is no way to generate wealth and well-being if there is no investment, if there is no added value to primary production”, he indicated.

He mentioned that with the Sonora Plan all municipalities will benefit from the revitalization of the economy and the additional resources it will leave for the state budget.

With information from the Government of Sonora

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