Chyno Miranda: How did you receive your 38 years?

Chyno Miranda.

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Today Jesús 'Chyno' Miranda is celebrating his birthdayin the midst of uncertainty about his health, his future and still under the guardianship of the state of Venezuela, the question is, how did you receive your 38 years?

As we have been telling you, after 10 months of rehabilitation at the Tía Panchita Clinicwhich is currently being investigated and under the magnifying glass of the law for alleged irregularities in the place, the methods, the treatments and the assistance personnel, Chyno was removed from the place by means of a criminal court, accompanied by his girlfriend, Astrid Torrealba Falcón, and transferred to another place.

Since November 3, exactly 12 days ago, he has been admitted to the El Cedral private clinic by order of the court, although so far there is no information on who would be in charge of paying it.

After much uncertainty, and a video where Chyno was seen very upset, different from the calm he seemed to have before being transferredHe anxiously said that now he is well, cared for, with his girlfriend, and that Tía Panchita was a sh… Finally his mother, Alcira Pérez, got the prosecutor to allow her to see her children.

When leaving the clinic, both the first time and on subsequent visits, 'Despierta América' interviewed her, and she showed great concern because he saw his son smoking and drinking coffee, according to the lady this is a contraindication for his medical condition of encephalitisin addition to his state of anxiety that would lead him to want to consume prohibited substances.

Doña Alcira also said that she was not continuing with her medical treatment, nor with the medicines that she had to take daily.since they were doing tests on him, they were not providing them and that worried him a lot. Who only has a bioenergy therapy in the morning and then spends his time watching the news and doing nothing.

How are you receiving the 38 years? According to the calendar established by the prosecution, he would receive it spending only 2 hours with his girlfriend. Why? Because as Chyno's mother's own lawyers confirmed, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Doña Alcira has permission to see them; while Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it is Astrid who is allowed to spend time with the singer.

Today being Tuesday, It will be his girlfriend who celebrates his 38th birthday in that short period of time, the rest will be spent among nurses and doctors, isolated from their affectionswhile they continue to do tests that would take, according to their mother, almost a month.

What will be the future of Chyno Miranda? for now uncertain… Already his mother testified in the prosecutor's office and requested that guardianship be returned to her that at this moment, as we told you, the state has it. The mother's proposal would be for him to be at home with her, and there prepare him as his own rehabilitation clinic, where the doctors visit him and all the therapies are done at home..

According to what Alcira Pérez told 'Despierta América', Chyno would be very enthusiastic about the idea and ready to return to his mother's house.

Secondly, there is his girlfriend, who would seek that the court give Chyno his own guardianship and be the one who decides what to do with his life, where and with whom.



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