Church asks pre-candidates to work as a team for Mexico

Church asks pre candidates to work as a team for Mexico
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In it formal start of the pre-campaigns policies at the federal level, the Catholic Church asked those who aspire to Presidency of the Republic and other popularly elected positions know how to work as a team for Mexico and establish dialogue with those who think differently with the purpose of maintaining balances between powers.

According to the Primate Archdiocese of Mexico, future electoral campaigns should contain three basic characteristics: symphony, sympathies and synergy.

In the case of the symphony, it means listening to the multiplicity of voices and opinions and not forgetting "that there are other ideological positions, with which it is possible (and necessary) to establish dialogue," noted this Sunday the editorial of the weekly Desde la Fe.

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For sympathy, applicants must promote solidarity, sensitivity and kindness among their ranks and outside; Fundamentally, they will have to focus via public policies on those most in need, "which establishes the basis for a more just Mexico," the archdiocese added.

Political synergy, it was explained, is the set of actions that allow an impact on the common good.

In this sense, it is important for candidates for political office to remember that their government plan must include everyone, not just their supporters," he said.

In short, the three characteristics are included in the concept of political synodality, which according to the Catholic Church "leads us to try to think, feel and work together, enriching ourselves with our differences, because any synodal policy in elections must be attentive to these differences, favoring counterweights, including and not excluding" considered the Catholic Church.

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