Christina Aguilera announces that she will give concerts in Las Vegas

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Christina Aguilera will review his career of more than twenty years with a series of concerts that will be offered in Las Vegas, just as other famous people have done, such as Adele, who has been in this city for several months offering shows on weekends.

Through a statement shared with Billboard, It was announced that Christina Aguilera will give several concerts at Voltaire Belle de Nuit located at The Venetian Resort hotel. The shows will begin from the Christmas Eve weekend, that is, December 24.

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“I hope to bring to Las Vegas a new show that fuses music, sophistication and art in ways I have never presented before. “What I love about the intimacy at Voltaire at The Venetian Resort is how close and personal I can be with the public,” Christina Aguilera said in the statement.

Voltaire founder Michael Gruber said the goal of Voltaire Belle de Nuit is to create “superstar artist experiences in Las Vegas” and that the “incredibly talented” Aguilera will help “highlight that experience at Voltaire.”

It is expected that The first concerts given by X-Tina, as the singer is also known, will be on the next 30 and 31 from December. On the other hand, it was revealed that there will be more dates, but they will be announced this Friday, October 13.

Before Christina Aguilera performs at this venue in Las Vegas, Kylie Minogue will do so, who announced in July that she would be the first artist to bring a residency (concert series) to the Voltaire Belle de Nuit stage. The Australian will be presented on this site starting November 3.

It should be noted that for several months Christina Aguilera returned to the music scene and this time she has released songs in Spanish not only to remember the beginnings of his career, but also as a way to honor his Latin roots.

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