Christian Nodal warns that if the truth of his separation with Belinda were known, “the only one affected” could be her

Christian Nodal.

Photo: File/ Alejandro Garza / Reforma Agency

A few hours after the publication of the thunder between Belinda and Christian Nodalthe singer asked his ex’s fans to leave things as they are and not to speculate, because if the truth of the separation was known, she would not look very good in public opinion.

The admirers of the interpreter of “Love at First Sight” had written to the regional star that the end of the romance was a disappointment.

Disappointment that I took. And as fans, it is better not to continue and leave the beautiful things because the only one affected is going to be Beli if she talks thoroughly“, he wrote on Twitter, however, he later deleted the message.

Some defenders of Belinda suggested that the link had enhanced Nodal’s image, a comment that he did not like.

“That’s the problem, you only think in numbers, in physical beauty. And, which one to make me known if he was already the most listened to artist in Mexico and charting globally? Keep talking shit ** and see later how they defend their artist. Stay with the pretty. Final warning“, he emphasized.

While both parties rejected requests for comments on the thunder, on social networks there is the hypothesis that the interpreter of “Botella after bottle” would have been unfaithful to Belinda since, while she was in Spain, he attended a party in Guadalajara of his ex-girlfriend, María Fernanda Guzmán, a rumor that was accompanied by a series of images that would prove it.

There is also talk of an alleged loan that she would have asked him to pay off debts.

The fact that the statement was released a couple of hours ago does not mean that we have just finished, I just waited for Beli to do it“He wrote in Nodal networks.

For a few weeks, fans of “Nodeli“, nickname of the couple, they realized that none of them followed each other on social networks and that the common images had been deleted.

Last year, Nodal and Belinda got engaged after he gave her a ring valued at $3 million.

Both collaborated on the song “Si Nos Dejan”; while Belinda directed the video for “La Sinvergüenza”, where Nodal collaborated with Banda MS.

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