Chivas wins against Querétaro and dreams of direct Liguilla

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Chivas left behind the win against Tigres at the Jalisco Stadium and in the double day, he ended up achieving the victory at the Gallos Blancos Stadium by winning by score 1-2 against Querétaro with so much of Erick Gutierrez and a new goal Roberto Alvarado.

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Tonight the return to ownership of the sanctioned Cristian Calderón and Raúl Martínez who for the first time started in the eleven after the indiscipline in Toluca. In a great way The match for the Sacred Flock began because they were forceful in their first dangerous play They were forceful at 9' to open the scoring.

Roberto Alvarado appeared on the right side and instead of facing up, he decided to give way back to Fernando Beltrán. He 'Baby' shot on goal to end up being a shot saved by Allison, but the ball bounced off Miguel Barbieri. leaving at the mercy Erick Gutierrez to achieve your first goal in Liga MX with Guadalajara.

Taking advantage so early for the team Chivas made them take control of the game in La Corregidora. He was nowhere near achieving his doublet Erick Gutiérrez at 22' in auction of volley to the far post which was covered by the black-gold archer. He forgave once again in a header who won in a big way Ricardo Marin that passed by the side of the Roosters' frame.

After so much searching, the Guadalajara team achieved its second goal of the nightin hand in hand with Ricardo Marín after a pass from Rubén González was facing Guillermo Allison, he was knocked down and the maximum penalty. Robert Alvarado took the ball and was very effective by deceiving his rival and putting the ball in the center minute 33.

The pThe game changed completely at the start of the second half.since intervention came from VAR to review a Penalty for Querétaro by push from Raúl Martínez to Raúl Zúñiga. César Ramos went to the VAR to check the action and gave the maximum penalty for the local at 53'. The captain of Querétaro, Pablo Barrera, brought his team closer by defeating Jiménez in the individual duel to put the game on hold.

When it seemed like it would be a calmer closing in the duel for ChivasRichard Marín was sent off for a double yellow card in a period of just five minutes.

Chivas comes to 24 unitswhile Roosters The Liguilla sees further and further with 15 pointswith two games to play.


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