Chivas vs. Tigres: probable lineups for the second leg of the Mexican tournament final

Chivas and Tigres define the champion of the Clausura Tournament this Sunday.

Photo: Andrea Jimenez / Imago7

The coaches of tigers and chivas Veljko Paunović and Robert Siboldi would already have the lineups for the second leg of the final of the Closing Tournament of Liga MX ready where the champion will be defined after the match at the Volcán without goals in the first leg.

Despite the fact that Chivas start with favoritism to be defined at home, anything can happenand much more considering that both the Flock and the cats sealed their pass to the final after eliminating América and Monterrey respectively as visitors.

Both coaches will save nothing for this decisive match between two squads that practically gave the bell by eliminating the first and second from the regular round. Tigres has doubts about the Brazilian Samir Caetano, but apparently the Uruguayan coach may already take him into consideration.

Both squads drew 0-0 at the Volcán, in a match in which Tigres had more chances to score but were nevertheless unable to take advantage of it and now they will have to go for it at Akrón.

Possible alignments of Chivas and Tigres

Veljko Paunović would already have thought of his starting 11 with whom he hopes to lead the Sacred Flock to glory again:

Miguel Jiménez, Gilberto Sepúlveda, Antonio Briseño, Jesús Chiquete, Alan Mozo, Rubén González, Fernando Beltrán, Víctor Guzmán, Alexis Vega, Isaac Brizuela and Roberto Alvarado.

For his part, Robert Siboldi hopes to stop Chivas and give the Monterrey their eighth title:

Nahuel Guzmán, Diego Reyes, Jesús Angulo, Rafael Carioca, Fernando Gorriarán, Diego Lainez, Sebastián Córdova, Guido Pizarro, Javier Aquino, Luis Quiñones and André-Pierre Gignac.

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