Chivas vs Pumas TODAY: Where to watch and what time is Liga Mx 2023

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This weekend The Apertura 2023 tournament of the Liga MX will endwhere some clubs will seek to achieve good results to position themselves in the quarterfinals directly or in the Play-In positions in search of the championship.

Pumas and Chivas will compete in a duel typical of the league, Well, in addition to the rivalry between the institutions, they will fight to finish for the best position in the general table.

How do Pumas and Chivas reach the closing of the tournament?

Those led by Antonio Mohamed come from an important 3-0 victory over Atlas on the previous day, so they will seek to stay on the winning path and close the Apertura 2023 of Liga MX in the best way.

They are in fifth position with 25 units and they depend on themselves to seal their place in the quarterfinals of the Liga MX.

For its part, Chivas comes from a victory by the minimum difference over Cruz Azulso they reached fourth position in the general table with 27 points, with their place in the quarterfinals assured.

Despite the bad streak they went through, the Sacred Flock It was one of the surprises at the closing of the Mexican soccer tournament.

Latest results between Pumas and Chivas

Result | Tournament

Pumas 1-2 Chivas Clausura 2023

Chivas 3-1 Pumas Apertura 2022

Chivas 4-1 Pumas Clausura 2022

Chivas 3-1 Pumas Clausura 2022

Pumas 0-0 Chivas Apertura 2021

When is Pumas vs Chivas?

University students and Red and white They will face each other within the framework of matchday 17 of the Apertura 2023 of the MX League in a duel that will take place this Saturday, November 11 at the University Olympic Stadium at 7:00 p.m..

Where to watch Pumas vs Chivas LIVE?

You can follow the closing match of the Apertura 2023 of the MX League totally live on open television on Channel 5.

Furthermore, the channel TUDN on pay television and the streaming service ViX Premiumthey will also broadcast all the actions of the match between Pumas and Chivas.



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