Chivas resurfaces with a win in Clásico Tapatío and is 5th in the table!

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They came as victims and they ended up scoring. Chivas stayed with the Clásico Tapatío after realizing Atlas 4-1 in one where off-field problems They were going to end up weighing and they ended up motivating them.

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Very early in the game the Flock took the lead. Fernando Beltrán hit him from outside the area and put it far from the reach of Camilo Vargas for him 1-0 with 9' and blow up the Akron.

Atlas put up resistance and Aldo Rocha managed to tie in the 44th minute with a great goal from a loose ball on the outskirts and with a right foot He hung it from the corner despite Miguel Jiménez's throw.

It was an eventful duel, but fought, felling Rangel had to come off due to shock and Brian Lozano keeps the red lights on for a play where he suffered a knee injury that appears serious.

In the second half the Flock was accurate. In it 63' Ricardo Marín with a chopped shot thanks to the defensive facilities he put the 2-1 and the Guadalajara He no longer let the advantage slip away.

Own Marin in long ball behind Martín Nervo He stayed face to face with Camilo Vargas and defined in cold blood for the 3-1 that settled the result.

Roberto Alvarado closed the account from the eleven steps in the 93' and the fans were unleashed after a week of uncertainty, but it seems that they will end up with Veljko Paunovic on the bench, since he would not leave La Perla Tapatia to lead Almería.


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