Chivas goes for a 'forgiveness' from its fans

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Veljko Paunovic, coach Chivasacknowledged that the Flock is in a complex situation and its fans have the right to boo them, but he hopes to have their “forgiveness” when they host Atlas next Saturday at the Akron Stadium.

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"We are in a difficult situation and we know that when we step foot in Akron, the fans have all the power to whistle at us, to boo us and not to be with us. In part, this team needs a hug, support, need a forgiveness, which we are working for. I hope the team, on Saturday, is better than ever and generates that forgiveness on the field. Thank you all," Paunovic said at a press conference.

The strategist gave a diagnosis of why Chivas has been denied victory in the last six games and how to do it to reverse it.

"In the quest to upgrade the equipment, refresh and lift it again, we have entered into a series of results that affect confidence. I always see the team's performance from a particular perspective, I look for conclusions where I know there are elements that we continue to do well. We lack forcefulness in the area and materialize those many arrivals that the team generates. Afterwards, of course we lack adapt to changes that we see in our rivals and the level of intensity and alertness that the teams we play against offer us," he said.

Regarding his fans, he reiterated that they will seek to regain connection and trust, who cannot be blamed for anything.

“Apart from the obligation and everything that Chivas represents for us and the fans, based on humility, work and focus we want to regain the connection and trust of our fans and we cannot ask the fans for more. "You can't blame him for anything," said the red-and-white shepherd.

Veljko Paunovic ruled out talking about the issue of Almeria and stressed that they will not lose focus.

“There are moments where you don't have to talk but show. We are searching and we are not distracted by the information that comes from outside,” she mentioned.

Chivas They will host Atlas this Saturday, a duel that will begin at 9 pm at Akron Stadium. El Rebaño has 15 goals against.

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