Chivas Femenil leaves its series against Toluca on track

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The squad of Chivas Femenil beat Toluca Femenil 3-0 in the first leg of the Quarterfinalsleaving directed his series to seek to complete it in the Akron Stadiumwhere the Devils will look for the miracle.

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The emotions came quicklySince the blackboard opened shortly after the first ten minutes by means of the maximum penalty for a handball by Patricia Jardón; the one in charge of converting it was Alicia Cervantes, the three-time scoring championwho beat the local goalkeeper with a mid-range shot.

Later, with the advantage, The visiting team managed the pace of the first half, beyond not generating clear dangerous opportunities; on the other hand, The Scarlets were incapable of continuing their plays.. The first half ended with the Flock winning by the slightest difference.

In the second half, Chivas Femenil was having a hard time reaching the rival area, but still managed to score their second goal of the afternoon through the stopped ball through the Damaris Godinez; the red and white defensehe hit the ball with his head inside the six-yard boxin passing Carolina Jaramillo.

With the course of the meeting practically definedGuadalajara did not lower the intensity and scored their third goal after Alicia Cervantes' double; on this occasion, 'Licha' after being assisted by Caro Jaramillowent into space and after the goalkeeper came out, scored on one side.

There was no time for more, Toluca Femenil is dying, so to advance to the next round it will have to make a historic comeback the next Sunday.


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