Chivas de Guadalajara player sells greetings online: know the details of this new source of income

Briseño is an immovable player within the "Sacred Flock".

Photo: Fabian Meza / Imago7

Lately, a kind of new closeness of the famous athletes with their followers. But this interaction is low cost. A few months ago he met How much did Marco Fabián charge for sending personalized greetings?. This new modality was adopted Antonio "Pollo" Briseño, Chivas de Guadalajara player.

The popular 28-year-old central defender started this new initiative. Through the portal, The Mexican already has his profile active and ready to send greetings.

However, this activity has a different purpose. The money raised by the player will not be for their own use. What Briseño generates through this web portal will go to his foundation called "Champions with a cause".

If you want a video, a congratulations or even my own shirt signed by me, you can find it here. Best of all, they will be directly helping my foundation called 'Champions with a cause', then don't think about it any more friends, go, hit him and get his regards, his shirt or his congratulations, "explained the defender of the Guadalajara team.

How much does a greeting from “Pollo” Briseño cost?

The approximate cost for requesting a personalized message from the popular defender of Chivas de Guadalajara is $53 dollars.

Mexican players with a profile in Famous

Antonio Briseño is not the only one with this initiative. Several soccer players from Liga MX, and outside of it, have joined this web portal to send their regards. They stand out from them: Marco Fabián ($53 dollars), Miguel Ponce ($82 dollars), (Luis Cárdenas ($21 dollars), Ángel Zaldívar ($21 dollars) and Jürgen Damm ($18 dollars).

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