Chivas de Guadalajara coach apologizes to the fans after losing to Pachuca

Chivas de Guadalajara fell 2-1 to Pachuca in a game characterized by the mistakes of the herd, and that now add a defeat and a victory at the beginning of the Closing Tournament of Liga MX 2022.

Marcelo Michel Leaño, coach of Guadalajara, apologized to the fans for the defeat and the mistakes that were the ones that made the difference against the tuzos.

“We were prey to our mistakes, but above all what cannot happen in Guadalajara is that if we make a mistake, we enter into doubts. We must be a team with confidence to reverse the situation. The second half we improved a bit, but it wasn’t enough. Obviously, if we want to aspire to important things, we must be constant”, explained Leaño.

Marcelo Michel Leaño decided to line up the same players from matchday 1 after beating Mazatlan 3-0, however, in Hidalgo, things did not go as planned and Guillermo Almada sent his players to block all kinds of attempts from the beginning of the engagement.

With defensive errors, the Tuzos were able to take advantage of a bad start by Gilberto Sepúlveda, where Nicolás Ibañez stole the ball and assisted Víctor Guzmán to open the scoring at 16 minutes of commitment. From there, the locals blocked any attempted attack by the herd and kept them at bay.

“Perhaps the only positive thing today is that despite the bad first half we had, the team was able to provide a better performance in the second half, without being brilliant. The team tried, they didn’t give up, but that’s not enough. We’re not going to make excuses, we didn’t play a good game today and we have to improve”, he explained.

Marcelo Michel also took advantage and spoke of Roberto Alvarado’s debut with Guadalajara, whom he had a good eye on.

“He came in, he played a good game, what we had asked him to do, to have the ball, to get together with Alexis, with Angulo, with Zaldívar. At times we manage to connect, it is adapting well to the idea of ​​the game, to the teammates. Surely we will see even better performances than today”, he concluded.

Chivas suffered their first defeat of the season after a debut that raised the expectations of all the Atletico fans.