Chiquis Rivera's ex, Lorenzo Méndez, does not appear in concert and a scandal is set up

Lorenzo Méndez is not paid a presentation and withdraws.

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It has gone viral on social media the scandal that broke out in AnaheimCalifornia when Chiquis Rivera's ex, Lorenzo Méndez, withdrew from a concert where he was supposed to perform at The Grand Anaheim. The singer himself had to go out and clarify everything. But, moments before, several people had already uploaded to social networks the scandal that occurred on the spot. Magaly Ortiz covered all the details and posted them on her YouTube channel.

“Help they won't let us out. Help they are kidnapping us. He left because they didn't pay him“, part of Lorenzo Méndez's team is heard saying while a traffic jam is seen in a room. There was also a back-and-forth between someone who appeared to be covering the event and who appears to be a representative of the Chiquis Rivera's ex: “good thing they didn't pay him That is why she will always be a failed artist because she never shows her face – Who is a failure? You are a failure because you bring a very small cell phone”. All this scandal after Lorenzo Méndez withdrew from a concert in Anaheim where he was supposed to perform.

“I am ashamed more than anything and the truth is that I am a little angry because it is an event that I had been waiting for a long time to present myself here in a theater, something beautiful, something spectacular, here in southern California in Anaheim and after all, some people that I was trusting... I did my part and even more to promote the event and also because they didn't give the fuck** win they did not want to pay us what it is. It puts me in a position with the people who came to see my presentation, in a position also as artists. I don't know how to explain it really. They were medium. I wanted to serve them and that also got ugly. I don't know about my people, the truth is I'm sadder… I'm not a gossip person, I don't like scandals. My God I do not like gossip, I do not feel that I occupy. If God allows me, with my talent we will achieve great things, as we have already achieved. Nothing, apologies to all the people of Anaheim, my presentation of Lorenzo Mendez… but nothing is going to be the right things for oneself… Shit *** this business is well ca *** When I tell you that the people who love you the most are the people who turn their backs on you, trust what I tell you . But nothing, God is fair, blessings”, said the ex of Chiquis Rivera, Lorenzo Mendezexplaining what happened in the scandal that arose by not appearing at a concert.

Adal Loreto, renowned music industry manager, said that Lorenzo Mendez he was very sorry and worried about the public that came to see him especially. He also said that basically Lorenzo was going to have to pay to play after canceling the fees to musicians. So, the team decided after: “Don't do the math, don't show up”.

The good news is, Lorenzo Mendez He was able to face his fans and tell at least his side of the story. It would be necessary to wait for the executives themselves to issue a statement to know their version of events. Until the moment of closing this note, they had not done so. However, the journalist Javier Ceriani from Chisme No Like said on his social networks that Lorenzo Méndez was scammed: “Última Hora !!! This Night of Terror!! Lorenzo Méndez cheated by daughter of Marisela, Marilyn Odessa and her partner ??? Lorenzo did not come out to sing and there is a fight…. #Accusations and scandal in Anaheim…”.

For now, we leave you the theme "Se me Sigue Noting" by Lorenzo Mendezwhile clarifying the bad moment that was lived in Anaheim.

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