Chiquis Rivera, the last to join Anitta's "challenge", does it from her bed

Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera.

Photo: Rodrigo Valera. /Getty Images

No doubt, Anitta's "challenge" It has been one of the most successful to date. Instagram Y TikTok. There are many celebrities who have lying on the ground to wag the tail like the Brazilian. But one of the last famous Latinas, before the video clip arrives "Cats"it is Chiquis Rivera. without hesitation he waggled his tail from his bed.

The daughter of Jenni Rivera was in a rehearsal day for the next Latin American Music Awards to whom he arrived modeling a jumper. Very similar to one that he used in a presentation a while ago also for some awards. Not only is it obvious that the singer of regional mexican is skinnier, but did not miss the challenge of the outgoing Anitta. To the beat of "To wrap", Chiquis Rivera posed on her bed and made the typical movement of Anitta's "challenge".

Precisely the latter was being presented in Coachella 2022 last weekend, where he twerked and sang with the rapper Snoop Dogg. But it also turned the main stage stage into a true Brazilian party. same day that Firm Group sang and captivated with the Mexican regional. Same gender they share with Chiquis preparing for an explosive night on Thursday when the Latin American Music Awards 2022.

Chiquis Rivera She is another of the famous ones who does not stop working. We already know that it is from the same "team" of bugs as they are Carol G Y Becky G. Same ones that left everyone speechless when interpreting "MAMIII" for the first time together weekend. the ex of Lorenzo Mendez He has already started his tours Queen Bee Tour 2022, which will take her to various cities in the United States. She actually just released a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of her concert in Pala, California.

She has also recently launched two beauty products: a lipstick and an eyebrow liner. He has just released the video of his most recent song "The honor". There she shows herself very sexy and sets fire to the car and the clothes of the "heartthrob" of the story.

But he does not forget the most important thing, his family. At the same concert at the Palace Casino, Chiquis Rivera he asked for a big round of applause for his grandmother madam Rosawho was in the audience. She thanked him in front of everyone for having come to see her. This nullifies the rumors of a possible enmity between the two, after the audit of the company of Jenni Rivera.

His sister Jacque Rivera is in charge of it as the main executor. But Johnny Lopez, the youngest of the children of La Diva de La Banda, is learning about the whole business to also take care of part of his mother's legacy. So it is not surprising that we are not surprised by some good news for Jenni fans.

Undoubtedly, Chiquis Rivera has shown to have overcome many of the trips of his life. She now she is one of the famous latinas that most empowers the hispanic woman through his talent and courage. Proof of this is the successful video that she recorded with Thaliaher friend Becky G and Play-N-Skillz, “Baila Así”, which has more than 6 million views on Youtube.

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