Chiquis Rivera shows it all while wiggling in a little white dress

Chiquis Rivera, regional Mexican singer and daughter of Jenni Rivera, at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Photo: Robyn Beck. /Getty Images

Chiquis Rivera has once again left more than one speechless and stumped when sharing a post wasting sensuality and leaving little to the imagination.

It was through her Instagram account that 'The Queen Bee' He shared a video in which he was seen showing more than usual while traveling in the car next to her fiancé, the renowned photographer of the stars in the United States, Emilio Sánchez.

In the clip, the singer wears a very summery look with a white boho chic dress. However, what caught the attention of many was that, With smiling and seductive gestures, she presumed that her suit was raised and showed the camera one of her voluptuous thighs from the side and a little above that area.

The dress also had a V neckline in the chest area with a bow that also highlighted its attributes. while she seemed to dance very provocatively.

For his part, her boyfriend was a little serious on camera, but then he ended up smiling at what his fiancée was doing.

In the social network of a camera the reel already has more than 98 thousand 'likes' and about a thousand comments in which you can read opinions of all kinds.

“Oh no, how vulgar! That over there blackoooo”; "The vato does not have a good face"“Emilio is a very lucky man”; "That's when a man likes a woman, she looks happy, she's very satisfied"; "That man looks very cold with her, or unhappy and she is so beautiful that he is"; "Mommy shows so that the envious ones can talk"; "A whole diva.! Beautiful God with you!!”; "You are very beautiful, sweetheart"; "Hello, pretty doll, good night my heart"; “Chiquis I am speechless beautiful woman” and "You are the reason why I go to the gym", can be read among the comments that have been left on his publication.

The truth is that the eldest daughter of the deceased Jenni Rivera left many with a square pupil, showing one of her shapely legs, waddling in the car while taking advantage of a walk this summer with her lover.
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