Chiquis Rivera opens her bikini on Instagram to publicize her new line of swimsuits

Chiquis Rivera at Latin Grammy 2022.

Photo: Frazer Harrison. /Getty Images

the singer of regional mexican, Chiquis Rivera, adds another point as a businesswoman with her brand "Bella Bella Body Shaperwear by Chiquis". Given the absolute success of the girdles and bodysuit that Jenni Rivera's daughter brought out, she has now launched a new line of swimsuits for women curvy.

With a half-open two-piece bikini and through her account instagram, the Queen Bee explained the benefits of the swimsuit that was launched on the market and that people are already asking for. Of course, this gave rise to praise for her great body.

"I need this in my life", "Omg I need to hide everything with this swimsuit", "Chiquis you are more beautiful than ever", "Example queen, beautiful on the outside and inside and chambona", was part of what they wrote to her their fans and followers. Chiquis Rivera, of course, has become a point of reference for women curvy.

Through messages of acceptance and examples of how to take care of yourself to stay and look better. There are many women of Hispanic origin who have felt empowered by the mexican regional singer. This is not to mention how their struggles have also been a voice of hope for those who have had a difficult life as chiquis.

Chiquis: line of hair products and girdles

The singer of Mexican origin, but born in the United States, also recently launched a hair care line with her personal friend Vanessa Sánchez. They are cannabis-based. These were not the first. So everything indicates that the growth of both with this venture has paid off.

Chiquis's girdles have nothing to envy to the Skims of kim kardashian. "They collect everything", "As if you had a new figure" and "The best for the markets", could be read in the comments section of the Instagram account.

No doubt Chiquis Rivera inherited the chambeador impetus that The Diva of the Band. Of course, her musical career remains the main guide for the singer. Here we leave you the latest video clip of her, in collaboration with Dani Rose, “Got From My Moma”.

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