Chiquis Rivera launches 'Invincible', and confesses to us the depression she experienced due to the divorce, and the sexual rejection of Lorenzo Méndez

Chiquis Rivera launches her third book 'Invincible', and first, in an interview, She confesses that the hardest thing for her to write was what led her to depression: wedding, divorce, and the sexual rejection of her still husband, Lorenzo Méndez.

In this book, which took 3 years to write, Chiquis tells, clarifies, confesses and reveals everything: the money he doesn't have, his relationship with Ángel, the man his mother Jenni Rivera didn't want; the relationship with Lorenzo Méndez that came to save her, but her husband's drug and alcohol addictions, physical violence, and sexual rejection ended up sinking her into depression. Mr Tempo, his brothers, his uncles and rearming its pieces until it becomes 'invincible'...

Then an intimate chat with the woman who looks into your eyes, because she no longer has anything to hide.

-For those who don't know your life, it seems like a novel, for those of us who know it, 'Invincible' is like reading your intimate diary...

Chiquis Rivera: I feel very happy, liberated, calm in my heart... I know that maybe It's like reopening certain wounds, certain things that have happened, that perhaps many people have forgotten, and for me too. To the writing this book was a form of therapy, it helped me heal a lot of thingsIt took almost 3 years to write it… All the past is left behind, it stays in this book, I feel like I don't have to carry it anymore. For those who are interested in knowing certain things, it's just gossip, or to clarify, there is much more to this book, it is to be able to inspire and empower, and hopefully help people who have gone through the things that I have gone through, and cannot find exit.

-When you released 'Forgiveness' and I interviewed you, you used that same word 'release', but in this book you also talk about disappointment, rejection, do you feel that you really learned this today?

Chiquis Rivera: Yes, I already feel capable, accomplished, I feel like a woman. It was necessary to go through certain things to get to this point. This book begins where 'Perdón' ended, my first book, and what has happened in these 7 years, I am a public figure, through my social networks, through my music, I have shared a lot about myself, about my life , but I also think that this is a way of explaining things in more detail, I want through my experiences to help others, I feel that more than anything is my mission. I do feel different, I feel capable, and now I do feel like I have my ovaries here in my hand.

-How do you feel 'Invincible' after this liberating son comes out?

Chiquis Rivera: I feel invincible to be able to realize my dreams, to really face whatever comes now, especially since Johnny is going to be 21 years old (his younger brother, of whom he is his guardian), I already feel like I can do what I want… With my music now I feel much more secure, so in that aspect I can say that I feel invincible, free, I have nothing to hide that more than anything, now what comes, what is said I can face without worrying.

-In addition to liberation and help, it is a book of clarifications: about your relationship with Ángel, then with Lorenzo Méndez, Mr. Tempo, your brothers, your uncles…

Chiquis Rivera: It's all in the in the same book, and yes I felt it was necessary because for 2 years I did not clarify, I silent. I told myself: "I don't want to make this much bigger, I'm going to write it down, leave it there for those who are interested"... I want women, even men, to be able to learn and not make the same mistakes, because I I looked at certain red lights, that I talk about the red flags, that I ignored them, and well I said, "Wait for me, one can avoid this". Like sometimes we attract those same problems that come from not being more assertive. So yes I talk about everything, I felt that it was necessary to clarify it, especially with the people who follow me, who listen to my music, so that they know the truth, I believe that by remaining silent one becomes another victim, and I also mention the mistakes I madethat now I want to be different in all aspects.

Chiquis Rivera launches her third book: 'Invincible'. Photo: Emilio Sanchez

-Have you shared the book with those people you name as an Angel, Lorenzo, your uncles, your brothers?

Chiquis Rivera: Johnny was the only one who read the bookhe is always very attentive and very interested in everything I do, and I gave him the chapters, even in fact, when I spoke a little about him, about what I went through with him in certain years of his life that were very difficult. He started crying and said: “Wow, I forgot that I put you through all this”… Because he was reading everything with me and I said to him, do you want me to remove something?, and he told me, “No, it's the truth ”. And well, well, from then on I didn't share it with anyone, I didn't feel it was necessary... I'm not afraid because everything I said is true, I have witnessesthe truth is I'm not afraid, because he who owes something fears something, and well, they're also going to realize it, they already know, because they also You know it's the truth, whether you want to accept it or not, everything I say in this book is 100% the truth..

– What is the chapter that cost you the most to write?

Chiquis Rivera: The one of my wedding, of my separation, the most difficult. She would write it, she would leave it for a few weeks… I thought many times, I take this off, I don't say this, but it was a big part of my life, and a big part of a depression that also in the book I went through and it has helped me a lot. I don't regret getting married, I don't regret what happened, because everything happened as it should.what had to happen happened, but it was very difficult, it was a very difficult moment for me to write it.

-You talk a lot about red lights, how do you differentiate the instinct of not committing something that may be a mistake in the future, from fear?

Chiquis Rivera: I think that having fear this is a little more here in the chest, and having that instinct is more in the stomach. When one wonders: Do you have peace with that decision? If it is the answer is "no", you do not have to continue with this decision. If I am afraid, but I am at peace, when one has confidence, this is it, it is a red light, but there are things that we have to do with fear. Sometimes I'm afraid to go on a big stage, but I'm going to use that fear to give the best of me... There's something to wonder about.

Chiquis Rivera and her husband Lorenzo Méndez. Photo: Mezcaliente

-You have always been very open, interviews, reality shows, autobiographical and descriptive books, how to close the door when you always have it so open?

Chiquis Rivera: Wow… For a long time I did feel, they made me feel: this is the career you chose, no way… But I have learned that I am also a human being, that I do deserve to keep certain things to myself. Now I do my best not to make the same mistakesI know where I can go and where I shouldn't to be a little calmer. I don't necessarily have to share everything, I'm going to share what I want, what I want people to seeI am also a woman and I deserve that. For a long time I didn't feel like this. I think it will take a little time, they tell me: “How do you want to keep yourself or your relationship so private if you were the usual thing before?” Precisely because of that! because i learned my lesson.

-You have had to deal with many losses in your life, and you talk about them in the book, and you say that your grandmother is your refuge, who is not here today, they are estranged, how do you deal with that?

Chiquis Rivera: My grandmother is and always will be a big part of the woman I am, I love her very much, I miss her very much, unfortunately things happened. I wish things were different I understand her, she has to be with her children. For a while I didn't understand, now I have to understand, and I know that she understands me that I also have to be with my children, who are my brothers, because they don't have their mom, they don't have their dad but they have their sister… Right now I think that the mistake that we made or many of us make in the family, in any relationship, is not to talk, it is important to talk, people understand each other by talking, asking questions, not assuming, and I think that is what happened. Right now there is no communication, it is mutual not to have that communicationI think that right now we are fine like this, I pray to God every day for her, for my family, but right now I think we are calmer and at peace like this.

-In the book you tell that you had a scene of sexual rejection by your husband, Lorenzo Méndez, how did you deal with that and did you love yourself as a woman again?

Chiquis Rivera: That was very difficult. I had to cry for him, and look at myself in the mirror and say nice things to myself: “you know what? I like your smile, I like the color of your eyes”… Tell me things that I really like about myself, because for a long time I didn't want to see myself in the mirror, it was like I'm not attractive anymore… Wait for me, I'm not going to let a person make me feel like this, I have to love myselfI had to go back to that because I did feel I love myself, I love myself, I like myself, but then something comes along and knocks you down. You have to pick up the pieces and fill me up, fill me up with positivity, with light, but it does take time. Let's not let one person have so much power over us, that's very important.

-When the person who buys 'Invencibe' is in front of your book, what would you like them to think or feel?

Chiquis Rivera: I want the people who read this book to say: “Wow, if she went through all of this and keeps going forward with a smile, and stays positive, I can too.”… I know that I am not the only one who has gone through this, I am very open, very transparent, some may see it as bad, that it is something negative, but I I really feel like it's part of my mission, and I want people who read this book to say that if they're in a relationship that's half toxic, they know and that I have the strength to say, this is no longer good for me, I am seeing some things that Chiquis is saying, and hopefully they also have the strengththat I give them the strength to get out of that situation, and that they say, well, if she could do it, I can too, I'm also invincible.



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