Chiquis pulls up her robe and shows her leg all the way up while applying her anti-cellulite cream

Chiquis Rivera and her legs raise the temperature on social networks.

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When Chiquis Rivera launched her anti-cellulite cream on the market, it generated tremendous controversy because she had just separated from Lorenzo Mendez and the promotion of the product had been done wearing a heart attack dental floss and wagging her tail. Now, that has been in the past, because after the success of its cream, Chiquis Rivera did not hesitate to pull up her robe and show her leg all the way up while applying the anti-cellulite cream of his brand BF Flawless Skin.

IF there is someone who feels very sure of her body and her beauty, that is Chiquis Rivera, who left everyone once again with drool hanging by opening and raising her robe to put on her anti-cellulite cream, exposing her legs almost completely that is spent Although it is not one of her most flattered attractions such as her tail, there is no doubt that her fans were delighted to see a little more of the singer's legs.

We had days without seeing any sign of sensuality from Chiquis Rivera. The family drama in which she finds herself with her family has made the singer only use social networks to promote one of the many projects she is carrying out or to share some of her positive thoughts. But, fortunately, her BF Flawless Skin brand is still going and that's why she promotes her products by being their image. Such is the case of Chiquis Rivera's famous anti-cellulite cream, with which she explains to her audience how she applies it to her legs and so they take advantage and take a cue from the eye with the spectacular beauty and sensuality of the singer.

As for his family drama, he has not made any more direct mention on social media. John Rivera He did a press conference a few days ago in which he said what his salary was when he started working at his sister's company Jenni Rivera and how much is supposedly owed. There he mentioned Chiquis Rivera and how much he loved her: “Like a father”, but he also made it clear that she would have insulted one of her daughters. Chiquis seems to have decided to leave all that drama behind, since there are many work projects that she has right now with her brand of aesthetic products, her book, her new mansion in Indian Springs, new songs to come, and her television program.

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