Chipotle announces the opening of its 3,000th restaurant in Phoenix

Chipotle celebrates the opening of its 3,000th restaurant with a new Chipotlane in Phoenix, Arizona.

Photo: Chipotle / Courtesy

Chipotle announced the opening of its 3,000th restaurant, in Phoenix, Arizona, which features the brand’s digital ordering service through a drive-thru delivery lane called the Chipotle. With this service, the restaurant serves more consumers.

“We are delighted to celebrate the opening of our 3,000th restaurant and the progress we have made towards our goal of having 7,000 or more. in North America,” said Brian Niccol, chairman and CEO of Chipotle.

According to a company statement, over the next year, it plans to open between 235 and 250 new restaurants. In 2021, Chipotle opened 215 new locations in the United States, Canada and Europeand approximately 80% of the new restaurants were already served by Chipotlane.

The restaurant chain added that this format improves access and convenience for customers, as well as increases sales, margins and returns from new restaurants.

Thanks to the success of the Drive-thru, the company already has a defined approach to expand its presence, so it is not only considering opening new restaurants, in strategic locations, but also will look for reconversions of the existing restaurants.

Additionally, the brand is aiming for small town expansions that deliver results at or better than traditional locations.

“Our phenomenal teams have demonstrated their ability to deliver on our aggressive expansion strategies,” added Jack Hartung, Chipotle’s chief financial officer. “We are well positioned to drive long-term, sustainable growth and I am optimistic that we will achieve our goals as we continue to cultivate a better world.”

On the other hand, Chipotle reported that it is working on innovative solutions to improve the experiences of its consumers. In December 2021, the brand opened its first Chipotlane Digital Kitchen prototype with an efficient digital order picking window.

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