'Chino' Huerta gives Pumas victory with a 'double' against Puebla

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The set of UNAM Pumas won a victory important as a visitor by defeating Puebla 2-0on a round night for Cesar Huertawho with a doublet of penalties He helped his team score again away from home after more than two months without achieving it.

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In a dream first time for Pedregal, the goal He rewarded them quickly and before minute 10the figure of the team, Cesar Huertatook advantage of a occasion from the penalty spot to deceive the goalkeeper and put his team ahead.

Now with the cards in favor, the university students did not take their foot off the accelerator and they were inches away from leaving with greater advantage to restHowever, one saving hand of the Puebla goalkeeperIván Rodríguez, managed to touch the round, the same as He crashed into the crossbar to avoid Eduardo Salvio's great goal.

The locals tried to respond and it was until the second half that they had the first warning of danger in the rival goal, but for his bad luck, the shot Guillermo Martínez was saved at the line by the goalkeeper, Julio González, who stretched out to prevent the ball from passing.

When The tie seemed closer for those from La Franjaan intervention by VAR He put them back on the ropes.

The Nazarene, Guillermo Pacheco awarded a new maximum penalty in favor of the visitorsand with the same dose, the 'Chinese' vaccinated with a low shot to double the leadand in the process reach five points in it Opening 2023 to place themselves at the top of the scoring leadership.

The long faces did not wait after the goal lapidary auriazul and were close to scoring a goal against them, but Juan Ignacio Dinenno did not have his best night and missed up to three opportunities to settle for the 2-0.

With the defeat, the led by Ricardo Carbajal will remain in the penultimate position from the table with only five points; meanwhile, Antonio Mohamed and his players will jump to the first five steps when reaching fifteen units.

Facing the next daythe set of Puebla will visit the Jalisco Stadium to face a rebound Atlas; For their part, the UNAM Pumas will star in one of the most attractive duels of the weekend in another edition of the Capital Classic before the Eagles of America.


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