Chinese horoscope today June 29: predictions for each sign


More than divinations, the Chinese horoscope aims to give recommendations, based on the energies of the ruling animal, so that, based on this, we coordinate our daily activities.

The Chinese horoscope It is made up of 12 animal signs. Y To know which one corresponds to you, just check your year of birth. The eastern zodiac is made up of 12-year cycles, each one is governed by a sign, 2022 corresponds to the year of the Tiger, so its energy will impact the rest of the members of the horoscope.

But, since the Chinese calendar does not start at the same time as the Gregorian calendar, those people who were born before February 4 are ruled by the animal of the immediately previous year.

After this preamble, we tell you that, for this Wednesday, the regent will be the water ox that can cause delays and postponements.

Rat (1936 โ€“ 1948 โ€“ 1960 โ€“ 1972 โ€“ 1984 โ€“ 1996 โ€“ 2008 โ€“ 2020)

A good day for those born in the years of the rat to look for opportunities for change. Whether it’s another job, moving house or even traveling to another country, any decision you make to get out of your comfort zone will allow you to improve your life and that of your family.

Ox (1937 โ€“ 1949 โ€“ 1961 โ€“ 1973 โ€“ 1985 โ€“ 1997 โ€“ 2009 โ€“ 2021)

It is important that the ruler of the day is very punctual. If they arrive on time and fulfill all their commitments, they will look very good in the eyes of their clients and superiors. To achieve this, it is recommended that they leave earlier than usual because today they could have some setbacks.

Tiger (1938 โ€“ 1950 โ€“ 1962 โ€“ 1974 โ€“ 1986 โ€“ 1998 โ€“ 2010 โ€“ 2022)

The energies of the day are unstable and dangerous for tigers. For this reason, it is important that they are very careful when driving or practicing any risky sport, as they could have a mishap, nothing serious but it can cause some delay.

Rabbit (1939 โ€“ 1951 โ€“ 1963 โ€“ 1975 โ€“ 1987 โ€“ 1999 โ€“ 2011)

This is a day for rabbits to avoid spending as much as possible and instead try to save. The ox suggests that, if you don’t have one yet, create a savings fund and try to increase it during the rest of the year, since from March 2023 it will be very useful.

Dragon (1940 โ€“ 1952 โ€“ 1964 โ€“ 1976 โ€“ 1988 โ€“ 2000 โ€“ 2012)

Romances will accompany those born in the years of the dragon, especially if they are single. However, it is important that they know that there is not much chance that they will be serious relationships. However, do not worry, because soon you will meet the right person.

Snake (1941 โ€“ 1953 โ€“ 1965 โ€“ 1977 โ€“ 1989 โ€“ 2001 โ€“ 2013)

The Ox advises the Snake to stay away from fights and arguments. This day they will want to be right in everything and this will lead them to confront other people. Keep calm and keep in mind that other points of view must be respected. Don’t lose a good friend just because of pride.

Horse (1942 โ€“ 1954 โ€“ 1966 โ€“ 1978 โ€“ 1990 โ€“ 2002 โ€“ 2014)

The horses, daring as ever, could see their savings grow during the day. However, the condition for this to happen is that they take risks in the financial market. If it doesn’t catch your attention or you’re afraid of losing, better have a day within the normal routine.

Goat (1943 โ€“ 1955 โ€“ 1967 โ€“ 1979 โ€“ 1991 โ€“ 2003 โ€“ 2015)

With the ruler of the day against them, those ruled by the goat must stay within the limits of the rules. Read everything you sign very well and do not break the law, even if it is the simplest. The possibility of having a legal problem is increased during this day, so it is better to be cautious.

Monkey (1944 โ€“ 1956 โ€“ 1968 โ€“ 1980 โ€“ 1992 โ€“ 2004 โ€“ 2016)

The ox suggests to the monkeys to lean on the nearby women. They have had many ups and downs days and they need to balance their energy. Ask your family and friends for advice and put it into practice, the energy of the moon will be in your favor and will allow you to improve what has been going wrong.

Rooster (1945 โ€“ 1957 โ€“ 1969 โ€“ 1981 โ€“ 1993 โ€“ 2005 โ€“ 2017)

Secrets and stories from the past could appear and complicate the life of the roosters. They will most likely have to face people who trusted them. For this reason, the ox suggests that they “show their faces” and speak the truth, soon everything will return to normal.

Dog (1946 โ€“ 1958 โ€“ 1970 โ€“ 1982 โ€“ 1994 โ€“ 2006 โ€“ 2018)

The ox suggests to those born in the years of the dog to keep a close eye on their health. The discomforts you have been experiencing, especially in your digestive system, may become something of a concern if you do not take action on the matter soon.

Pig (1947 โ€“ 1959 โ€“ 1971 โ€“ 1983 โ€“ 1995 โ€“ 2007 โ€“ 2019)

On the day of those ruled by the pig, furtive romances will appear. For those who are single, they will not mean much, but those who already have a stable partner could give in to temptation, which will bring them many inconveniences and even breakups.

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