Chinese horoscope today June 22: predictions for each sign


Wednesday, June 22, will be ruled by the Fire Horse, which, by uniting with the Tiger, ruler of the year, will make the energy of the day stronger, for this reason it is important to be careful when driving or doing physical activities. .

The Chinese horoscope It is made up of 12 animal signs. Y To know which one corresponds to you, just check your year of birth. The eastern zodiac is made up of 12-year cycles, each one is governed by a sign, 2022 corresponds to the year of the Tiger, so its energy will impact the rest of the members of the horoscope.

However, and since, for Chinese astrology, the year only begins on February 4, people who were born between January 1 and the beginning of the Chinese year are governed by the zodiac sign of the previous year. For example, someone whose date of birth is January 11, 1983, his ruling animal is not the pig, but the dog.

Rat (1936 โ€“ 1948 โ€“ 1960 โ€“ 1972 โ€“ 1984 โ€“ 1996 โ€“ 2008 โ€“ 2020)

Those ruled by the rat must take extreme measures this day. The horse as ruler will want to complicate their day and, with the strength that the tiger gives him, he could achieve his goal. For this reason, it is best to limit yourself to the routine of the day and avoid starting any important activity today.

Ox (1937 โ€“ 1949 โ€“ 1961 โ€“ 1973 โ€“ 1985 โ€“ 1997 โ€“ 2009 โ€“ 2021)

Those born in the years of the ox can use the day to submit applications. Especially those related to academic subjects. If you are thinking of applying for a scholarship or an exchange, the energy of the day will help you get a favorable response.

Tiger (1938 โ€“ 1950 โ€“ 1962 โ€“ 1974 โ€“ 1986 โ€“ 1998 โ€“ 2010 โ€“ 2022)

With a reinforced energy, the regent of the year will be able to take advantage of the day to make job proposals. Whether they have a labor relationship or work as independents, today they have many possibilities to show their abilities and climb labor and commercial positions.

Rabbit (1939 โ€“ 1951 โ€“ 1963 โ€“ 1975 โ€“ 1987 โ€“ 1999 โ€“ 2011)

The energy of the day will not be favorable for rabbits that are looking for a mate. Today they will realize that the person they were dating is not the right one and this could cause them some disappointment. But it is better that they say goodbye in a healthy way, instead of continuing to insist on a relationship that will not help them grow.

Dragon (1940 โ€“ 1952 โ€“ 1964 โ€“ 1976 โ€“ 1988 โ€“ 2000 โ€“ 2012)

With so much fire in the day, the dragons might take more risks than usual. Although, at first, this may seem beneficial, since they will be encouraged to take a step that has been doubted, the horse suggests that, in matters of physical activities, be prudent, since mishaps are just around the corner.

Snake (1941 โ€“ 1953 โ€“ 1965 โ€“ 1977 โ€“ 1989 โ€“ 2001 โ€“ 2013)

The horse suggests to those ruled by the snake that they try to spend more quality time with their partner. The person next to you has made an effort so that you are well, and due to their proud character they have not recognized all their dedication. This situation is causing a distance that can end in a painful breakup.

Horse (1942 โ€“ 1954 โ€“ 1966 โ€“ 1978 โ€“ 1990 โ€“ 2002 โ€“ 2014)

As rulers of the day and with the support of the tiger, the horses will enjoy very good energy for financial matters. The investments and savings that you start today will grow favorably. However, it is very important that they do not discuss their plans with anyone, because the energy can be diluted and not favor them.

Goat (1943 โ€“ 1955 โ€“ 1967 โ€“ 1979 โ€“ 1991 โ€“ 2003 โ€“ 2015)

Goat popularity will be at its peak during the day. Many people will approach her asking for advice or some help. The horse recommends that they not appear to have “deaf ears” and, on the contrary, be compassionate and try to help those who most can. The universe will reward your action.

Monkey (1944 โ€“ 1956 โ€“ 1968 โ€“ 1980 โ€“ 1992 โ€“ 2004 โ€“ 2016)

The monkey will feel overwhelmed and fears will accompany him today. The changes he has had to face in recent days are making him feel as if the whole world is against him. Although it can be difficult, the horse recommends that you try to have a positive attitude, as this will help you bring favorable energy to your environment. A lepidolite or sunstone can help.

Rooster (1945 โ€“ 1957 โ€“ 1969 โ€“ 1981 โ€“ 1993 โ€“ 2005 โ€“ 2017)

Those born in the years of the rooster can take advantage of the day to start or resume studies. The horse reminds them of how important it is to train and expand their knowledge, especially if they have been feeling stagnant professionally and professionally. For this reason, the best way to give their career a boost is by learning a new skill, which they will soon use.

Dog (1946 โ€“ 1958 โ€“ 1970 โ€“ 1982 โ€“ 1994 โ€“ 2006 โ€“ 2018)

The dog could have communication problems. Perhaps because they do not know how to express themselves correctly or because they misunderstand something that they are told. And this could lead to unnecessary arguments. For this reason, the horse recommends that you think very well before speaking and reacting, it is not a good day to charge yourself with negative energy.

Pig (1947 โ€“ 1959 โ€“ 1971 โ€“ 1983 โ€“ 1995 โ€“ 2007 โ€“ 2019)

The horse will wink at the pig so you can ask for a raise or promotion. Those governed by the pig have been working hard for several days and showing all their skills. This has caused the star of fortune to accompany them and reward them. But it is important that they do not let their guard down and continue to exploit all their capabilities.

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