China will install a base in Cuba to spy on the US, according to WSJ

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The Chinese and Cuban governments have signed an agreement whereby China will install a large secret spy center on the Caribbean island that will allow it to intercept communications of all kinds in the United States, according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) today.

The newspaper, which cites "US officials aware of classified information," considers that the agreement is for the moment only in principle, and would have as a counterpart the payment of billions of dollars by Beijing to the Government of Havana.

There is no indication of where the base would be or what its size would be or the number of personnel it would need; It is also not clear -says the WSJ- what the Joe Biden government could do to hinder an agreement of these characteristics.

The newspaper assumes that an espionage base in Cuba, less than 150 kilometers from Florida, would be useful for learning the details of maritime traffic in a region with a large number of military bases, as well as monitoring all electronic communications in the southeastern United States. Joined.

The newspaper looked for the version of the Chinese Embassy in Washington and the Cuban one, in both cases without success.

The only source identified that the newspaper cites is John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, who clarifies that he cannot speak about this specific report, but then adds: "We are very aware of China's efforts to invest in infrastructure in the whole world for military purposes, including this continent. We are following them very closely and taking countermeasures.”

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