China will donate 100 million dollars to the Covax program | News

China will donate around 100 million dollars to the World Health Organization Covax initiative, with the aim of supporting the equitable distribution of vaccines against Covid-19.


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After having donated another 100 million dollars last year, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, announced that with this gesture, China hopes to support a fairer and more equitable distribution of anticovid vaccines.

In his daily press conference, the spokesman assured that for China it continues to be a priority within its foreign policy to help reduce the inequality between poor and developed countries, in terms of immunization against the coronavirus.

Similarly, Beijing hopes to help stop the pandemic as soon as possible.

On different occasions, the authorities of the Asian country have ratified the importance of vaccination in confronting the pandemic. Accordingly, they have expressed their support for this task, which should be carried out by the entire international community.

Over the past year, China has provided some 2 billion doses of vaccines to some 100 countries and international organizations, both for sale and by donation.

To date, the Asian giant has five approved vaccines in its territory, of which two have already been certified by the WHO. In turn, it has applied more than 3,000 million doses in its territory as part of its national campaign to vaccinate against Covid-19.

With the latest donation, China strengthens its position as one of the most active countries in promoting international cooperation as well as the distribution of coronavirus vaccines.