China Urges US to Comply with Biological Weapons Treaty | News

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Zhao Lijian, recalled on Wednesday that the United States has the obligation to comply with the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) and also to offer clarifications on the matters that concern the international community in that regard.


China insists on seeking a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine

Zhao said this in his usual press conference, in which he avoided answering directly if China would support the Russian demand, although he acknowledged that Beijing “has taken note of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s comments (because) biological security It is in the common interest of all mankind”.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman elaborated, in this sense, that “in fact, the international community has long had serious concerns about the biological military activities carried out by the United States at home and abroad.”

He recalled, in this regard: “It is not just about US laboratories in Ukraine or a new problem caused by the current situation.”

However, he said that Beijing “welcomes the joint evaluation by the international community of the documents revealed by Russia within the framework of the BWC and the United Nations”, although he added that “at the same time, the clarifications of the America will also be fairly heard.”

In this regard, he advanced that, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, “the international community can take advantage of [estas denuncias] as an opportunity to restart the negotiation process for the establishment of a verification mechanism”.

Zhao also reiterated a “call on the United States to change its position of only opposing the establishment of said verification mechanism [porque] It will help restore the confidence of the international community in the fulfillment of the international obligations of the United States and will also contribute to improving global biosecurity.”

On the other hand, the spokesman confirmed that China’s position on opposing Western sanctions against Russia is clear.

He criticized the United States for making many comments he called provocative about China lately because they reflect, he said, “thinly veiled bullying and intimidation and expose the entrenched zero-sum mentality and bloc confrontation of the Cold War, while representing another product of the American philosophy of doing things ‘from a position of strength.