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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Wednesday that Beijing hopes the United States will stop misinforming about the situation in Ukraine, after several weeks of tensions between Russia and the West in the Ukrainian border area.


Russia criticizes NATO's assessment of situation in Ukraine

"For days, the United States has been exaggerating the threat of war and creating an environment of tension," the spokesman told a news conference.

"This has seriously impacted the economy, social stability and people's lives in Ukraine, and has added obstacles to advancing dialogue and negotiation between the parties involved," he added.

Wang said he hopes such false information will stop being published and more actions will be taken to promote peace, mutual trust and cooperation.

"I pointed out that the Russian side recently said that the West has resorted to "information terrorism" on the Ukraine issue, and that February 15, 2022 will go down in history as the day of failure of Western propaganda," Wang said.

"We must point out that it is exactly the persistent hype and spread of disinformation by some in the West that has added more turbulence and uncertainty to a world that was already full of challenges and intensified mistrust and division," he stressed.

Russia and Belarus carried out a joint military exercise near the Ukrainian borders, something that the West interpreted as preparations for a possible invasion and tensions were heightened. The United States and other powers have sent material, military and money resources to Ukraine to support the military forces of Kiev in the face of the alleged invasion.

Last week, the US warned of an imminent risk of Russian invasion before the conclusion of the Winter Olympics in China, which concludes on Sunday, February 20.

Despite Moscow's repeated denials of an invasion, the Atlantic alliance continues to use the invasion as a pretext to continue sending military material to the borders.

Recently, the leaders of Russia and China, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, respectively, held a meeting in Beijing where they strengthened trade ties and agreed to enhance the strategic partnership.

China called on the West not to give a negative character to the rapprochement between the two nations, since this union is not directed against third countries.

"China and Russia, under the leadership of the heads of the two states, have always advocated the development of long-term relations of good neighborliness, friendship and mutual cooperation on the basis of non-adherence to blocs and rejection of confrontation. , relations that are not directed to third countries”, he sentenced.

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