China urges the US not to interfere in its internal affairs | News

China urged the United States to stop playing what it called the “Taiwan card”, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in Beijing on Tuesday.


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Wang made the remarks at a daily press conference when asked for comment on what the US trade representative, Katherine Tai, had to say regarding China.

According to the spokesperson, the United States distorted China’s legitimate measures to safeguard its national sovereignty by qualifying them as coercion, which fully exposes, appreciated, the hypocrisy and deception of the US discursive harassment.

In that sense, he exemplified that Washington forced the military government of Haiti to resign in 1994, and referred to it as “an example of a textbook of coercive diplomacy.”

In 2003, it explicitly earmarked $ 30.3 billion in military spending for “coercive diplomacy”; spared no effort to take down competitors such as Alstom and Toshiba and coerce TSMC, Samsung, and other companies to provide the United States with chip supply chain data.

According to the spokesperson, “this is a frenzy of ‘blackmail diplomacy’.”

The Chinese authorities respond in this way to the position of the United States that on Monday rejected the sanctions imposed last month by the Chinese Government against four members of the Commission on International Religious Freedom and has qualified that it is another “affront against rights universal “.

China had previously sanctioned dozens of US officials in retaliation for similar measures taken by Washington. The State Department has accused Beijing in a statement of attacking senior officials and organizations that “defend democracy and respect for Human Rights throughout the world.”