China Says Sanctions Affect the Whole World | News


Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday that those who politicize and weaponize the global economy by deliberately imposing sanctions, based on their domination of the global financial and monetary systems, will cause disasters around the world and harm the world. themselves.


China reaffirms commitment to equitable global development

This was ratified by the president in his speech at the opening ceremony of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Business Forum, where he also compared the sanctions to “boomerangs and double-edged swords.”

“There are reasons to worry that the world economy could go into crisis. At this critical crossroads, the only way to avoid an economic crisis is to overcome difficulties together and seek cooperation. There is reason to worry that the world economy could go into crisis,” he added.

In turn, he insisted that at this crossroads the way to avoid an economic crisis is to “overcome difficulties together and seek cooperation.”

Likewise, Xi detailed that some important industrial and supply chains are suffering deliberate interruptions. Add to this the rising cost of raw materials that fluctuate and rise as global inflation, financial market turmoil and the economic recovery is running out of steam.

Similarly, the ruler of the Asian giant called for strengthening coordination in macroeconomic policies and pointed out that the main developed countries must adopt responsible economic policies and thus avoid the negative effects of policies that harm developing countries.

On the other hand, he stressed that the tragedies of the past show that “hegemony, group politics and bloc confrontation do not bring peace or security, they only lead to wars and conflicts.”

The Chinese president stressed that blind faith in the position of strength and the expansionist interests of military alliances, and the search for one’s own solidarity to the detriment of others, only leads to a security dilemma.

The BRICS group celebrates this week the Business Forum based in Beijing where 13 countries, including Argentina, Kazakhstan and Indonesia, participate in person and online.

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