China reports two deaths from Covid-19 in more than a year | News

The Chinese government reported its first two deaths from Covid-19 in more than a year on Saturday, according to a post on the website of the National Health Commission.


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These are two people who died in the northeastern region of Jilin. Both were elderly, Jiao Yahui, an official with the health commission, said at a press conference on Saturday. One of them had been vaccinated.

Jilin, which borders North Korea and Russia, is where many of the current waves of infections have been reported.

China reported two deaths for all of 2021, with the last recorded on January 25.

The country reported 2,228 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Friday, compared with 2,416 the day before.

Of the new cases, 2,157 were locally transmitted, compared with 2,388 a day earlier, with 78 percent appearing in Jilin and others in the southeastern province of Fujian and the southern province of Guangdong, among others.

China is facing a wave of Omicron variants, with 2,157 new cases reported this Saturday and some 29,000 since March.

The country has seen relatively few virus infections so far because clusters are wiped out as quickly as they are discovered.

The strategy has received popular support and has prevented the large number of deaths seen in other countries, many of which have begun to forgo any kind of social distancing measures.

Nearly 1.24 billion people on the Chinese mainland have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 as of Friday, a Chinese health official said Saturday.

Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health Commission (NHC), released the data at a press conference, adding that nearly 3.22 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines had been administered on the mainland.

Lei Zhenglong, another NHC official, said 649.16 million people had received a booster injection as of Friday. More than 80 percent of people age 60 and older had taken at least two doses of the vaccine.