China Proposes More Restrictions Against Trafficking in Women | News

The Chinese National People’s Congress, through its Standing Committee, considered on Monday the establishment of a system for reporting and investigating cases of trafficking in women due to the increase in cases of kidnapping, violence and other serious violations of human rights. the rights and interests of women, as expressed in the text.


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The bill to revise the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women was presented to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Assembly for a second reading, after some voices, says the bill, “believe that it is necessary to establish a system of complaint and investigation to promptly detect and deal with illegal and criminal acts that violate the rights and interests of women”.

In this sense, the second revision draft of the bill adds three new rules.

Among them, marriage registration agencies must inform public security organs in a timely manner if they find women suspected of having been kidnapped, trafficked or kidnapped during their lifetime.

The public security organs must investigate them and take care of them in a timely manner in accordance with the law.

It also provides that women’s civil society organizations should strengthen the investigation of acts of abduction, kidnapping and other violations of the rights and interests of women and help the corresponding investigation departments in rescue efforts.

On the other hand, “accommodation operators should timely and accurately register the information of accommodation staff, improve the rules and regulations of accommodation services, and strengthen security measures.”

“If they discover illegal and criminal acts that may infringe the rights and interests of women, they should report them to the public security organs in a timely manner.”

In addition, the draft emphasizes that popular governments at all levels must take timely measures to rescue kidnapped, trafficked and kidnapped women according to their respective responsibilities, and do a good job in resettling rescued women, rescue work and beware.