China Highlights Independent Path in Ukraine Crisis | News


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Friday that China maintains an independent policy in the face of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, and described the role played by Beijing in that context as constructive, in contrast to that played by Brussels.


According to China, NATO should have been dissolved with the fall of the USSR

This is how Zhao responded to the question about whether the European Union (EU) wants China to guarantee that it will not provide weapons to Russia or help it evade Western sanctions or that any assistance would damage the international reputation of the Asian country and endanger economic relations. and trade with the West.

The spokesman recalled that the current international situation is increasingly turbulent and uncertainty is increasing significantly, but “as two major world forces, China and the EU maintain strategic communication, enhance strategic mutual trust and expand cooperative consensus, which will help promote sustainable development.

However, he reiterated that China adheres to an independent foreign policy of peace and makes its own judgment on the matter, while reiterating that it has been playing a constructive role in alleviating the situation, promoting peace talks and preventing humanitarian crises at its own discretion. way.

According to the official, “The Cold War mentality and pitched confrontation must be resisted. China and many countries, including developing countries, have the same position on this issue.”

“The question now is not who wants to help Russia circumvent the sanctions, but that the normal economic and trade exchanges between countries, including China and Russia, have been unnecessarily damaged. There are also some forces that try to use the sanctions to intensify the conflicts and divide the world,” he said.

In addition, he commented that the “frantic anti-Russian practices do nothing to cool down the situation. We hope that all parties can calm down and focus on promoting peace and talks, instead of increasing sanctions and intensifying conflicts.”

Prime Minister Li Kequiang assured, during a meeting with the EU, that China supports the peace negotiations, and stressed, as Foreign Minister Wang Yi did a few weeks ago, that Beijing is dealing with the situation in its own way.

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