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China announced on Tuesday that it will expel the Canadian consul from the Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai in response to a symmetrical measure taken by the other party in the North American country.


China calls on US to "reflect on missteps"

The Asian country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared diplomat Jennifer Lynn Lalonde "persona non grata" and gave her a period of five days to leave that nation, which she must do before May 13.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry of the Asian giant warned that it reserves the right to take other measures.

On May 8 evening, Canada announced the expulsion of Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei from the Consulate General in Toronto. China strongly condemns and rejects it. Likewise, he has made serious efforts and presented a strong protest to the other party.

According to the Globe and Mail newspaper, citing an intelligence report, Zhao tried to orchestrate a campaign against lawmaker Michael Chong, a critic of Beijing's policy toward the Uyghur minority, and his Hong Kong-based relatives.

Canadian Foreign Ministry Mélanie Joly, in announcing that Zhao Wei is declared persona non grata, made it clear that Ottawa will not tolerate any form of foreign interference in internal affairs.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, during a press conference on Tuesday, categorically rejected the accusation of interference and assured that his territory never interferes in the internal politics of other countries.

The diplomat urged the Canadian side to "cease their provocations"; otherwise, he warned, he will have to bear the consequences because China's response will be forceful.

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