China denounces violation of human rights in the US | News


The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, denounced on Monday the constant violations of human rights by the United States (USA) in the world, as well as its lack of morality when referring to International Law.


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“USA. is becoming a country where human rights are systematically violated, the US has no right to point fingers at human rights in other countries”, and must “seriously think about how to solve the root problem of the deterioration of the situation of human rights”, insisted the diplomat.

Insisting on Washington’s systematic practice against people’s rights, Wang Wenbin said that China is concerned about manifestations of racial discrimination, firearms crimes and violence by US police forces, which were classified as “systematic problems”.

“The only developed country where mass shootings have occurred every year for the past 20 years is the United States,” said the Chinese official, who also added that the country reports the highest rate of gun violence in the world.

According to Wang Wenbin, 93.7 percent of Muslim Americans suffer from Islamophobia, 81 percent of Asian American adults believe that stigma and violence against them continues to increase.

In relation to Hispanics, who make up 19 percent of the US population, China’s spokesman warns that they alone have 2 percent of the country’s wealth. On racial discrimination, only 22 percent of Americans believe that police forces behave equally towards all people.

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