China continued military exercises around the island of Taiwan | News


The Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) continued its joint combat and training exercises in waters and airspace around the island of Taiwan on Friday.


China announces countermeasures for Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

The exercises took place in the waters and airspace off the northern, southwestern and eastern coasts of the island, while Taiwan authorities accuse the Chinese army of simulating an invasion, for which they declared a state of alert.

More than 10 destroyers and frigates conducted joint blockade operations in waters around the island, while various frigates, missile boats and land-to-sea missile units conducted strike exercises against important maritime targets.

Theater Command air force corps deployed multiple types of aircraft, including fighters, bombers, early warning aircraft, and electronic reconnaissance aircraft, in missions such as reconnaissance, air control, support and cover, and air strikes.

In addition, army corps and the Eastern Theater Command’s conventional missile force remained on standby and conducted support tasks.

All units have been placed on high alert for any possible emergency.

In Taipei, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry reported Saturday that it deployed fighter jets after 20 Chinese fighters and 14 warships entered the airspace and crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Josep Wu condemned what he called a “dangerous escalation in the military threat” that is “destroying peace and stability in the region, and must be condemned.”

China launched these maneuvers around the territory of this island, which Beijing considers a province in rebellion, after the visit of the president of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

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