China completes vaccination of 86.4% of its population | News

The Chinese National Health Commission announced this Saturday that more than 1.22 billion people already have a full dose of vaccination to deal with Covid-19, which represents 86.4 percent of the country’s current population. (1,412 million inhabitants).


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The government agency said that as of Friday, nearly 2.93 billion doses of pandemic vaccines had been administered on the Chinese mainland.

In the opinion of the epidemiologist and head of the anticovid team at the country level, Zhong Nanshan, China would achieve herd immunity after vaccinating at least 83.3 percent of its population.

During this Saturday, 104 new infections were reported on the mainland, including four in the city of Xi’an (Shaanxi province, center) and 39 in Tianjin, near Beijing. In addition, 61 new imported cases were reported.

The spokesman of the National Health Commission, Mi Feng, told the media that the work to control the outbreak in Xi’an has already entered its final stage, starting with the significant reduction of infections there.

The other positives were confirmed in the provinces of Henan (center, 52), Canton (south, 8) and Zhejiang (east, 1), in which there is community transmission, according to the authorities.

Mi Feng also specified that the country is facing imported cases of the Delta and Omicron variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the latter highly transmissible.

The spokesman recalled that there are only 15 days left before the start of the Chinese New Year and stressed the importance of avoiding mass displacement during these festivities. The Winter Olympics will also begin on February 4.

So far, China has accumulated 135,370 cases and 5,699 deaths on its mainland since the detection of Covid-19 in December 2019.

Chinese authorities ensure the success of their anticovid strategy based on extensive vaccination and a zero tolerance policy for positive cases.

This philosophy of action is specified in compliance with rigorous protocols, mobility restrictions, selective or total confinements, the massive application of tests and the expansion of health surveillance.