China assures the US that it will defend its national interests | News


Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe held a phone call with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday, assuring that Beijing will defend its national interests and dignity.


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According to the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Wei said that: “China hopes to achieve healthy and stable relations with the US; however, China will defend its national interests and dignity.”

In this sense, the head of the armed forces stated that: “The United States should not underestimate the determination and capabilities of China” while advocating establishing a healthy and stable relationship based on mutual respect.

Similarly, the Asian general warned about Taiwan that it constitutes “an inalienable part of China” and urged the US to put an end to the maritime provocations of its navy.

In line with this, he noted that: “If the Taiwan issue is resolved in an unacceptable manner, this will have a devastating effect on the relations of the two countries.”

Likewise, Wei called on the US government not to use “the Ukrainian issue to defame or threaten China,” which does not contribute to improving tensions between the two nations.

China has maintained a position that defends dialogue regarding the crisis in Ukraine while insisting on the need to meet the security guarantees demanded by Russia.

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