China and the US ‘warm up’ the Taiwan Strait during the videoconference

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense has confirmed the passage of a Chinese aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait on Friday, hours before the presidents of China and the United States met by videoconference. the chinese ship Shandong It was detected in the area heading north on Friday morning, about 30 nautical miles southwest of Kinmen Island, and was followed by a US destroyer during part of the journey, according to the Reuters agency.

A defense expert quoted by the CNA agency ruled out that the presence of the aircraft carrier was a provocation or a display of force by the Asian giant, which claims sovereignty over Taiwan. Lin Ying-yu, a professor at National Sun Yat-sen University, considered that the ship was not carrying out a military exercise, since no aircraft were observed on its deck at the time it was detected in the strait.

Beijing has criticized the presence of a US destroyer and that with it it sends a wrong signal to the island

The researcher of the National Policy Foundation of Taipei Chieh Chung ventured that if the ship sailed north it could go to the shipyards of the city of Dalian to receive maintenance, while if its course was south, it could have as destination the island of Hainan to carry out maneuvers. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian already asked on Friday that the passage of the Shandong in the area was not related to the meeting between the Chinese and American leaders.

At the daily foreign press conference, Zhao was convinced that the ship was carrying out a routine displacement, although he specified that he had no more specific information about the mission, on which the Chinese Ministry of Defense has not yet ruled.

the official newspaper Global Times remembered that the Shandong It has already sailed through the Taiwan Strait in November and December 2019, and in December 2020. The Taiwan issue came up in the meeting between Xi and Biden on Friday, although the conversation focused mainly on the Ukrainian conflict.

The Chinese army condemned yesterday from Beijing the presence of the destroyer Ralph Johnson in the strait, which he described as “provocative”. He also pointed out that with this presence “USA. it sends the wrong signal to supporters of independence in Taiwan.”

According to some sources, China is using the Ukraine conflict as propaganda towards Taiwan. According to this argument, China tries to show that, in case of conflict. The United States will not come to the aid of Taiwan.