China and Solomon Islands sign cooperation agreement | News

China and the Solomon Islands have officially signed a bilateral security cooperation agreement, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Tuesday.


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Security cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands is open, transparent and inclusive and is not directed at any third party, Wang stressed.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Solomon Islands Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Jeremiah Manele recently signed an intergovernmental framework agreement, it said.

The spokesperson stressed that the China-Solomon Islands security cooperation is part of the normal exchanges and cooperation between two sovereign and independent countries.

Wang said the cooperation is based on equality and shared benefits, and is carried out under the premise of respecting the will and actual needs of the Solomon Islands.

The two sides will cooperate in such fields as maintaining social order, protecting people’s lives and property.

Also the provision of humanitarian assistance and dealing with natural disasters, to help the Solomon Islands strengthen its capacities to safeguard national security, he added.

The cooperation is aimed at promoting the social stability and lasting security of the Solomon Islands and is in line with the common interests of the country and the South Pacific, the spokesman said.

Wang stressed that the pact does not contradict Solomon Islands’ existing bilateral and multilateral security cooperation mechanisms but complements them.