China and Russia sign agreement to supply natural gas | News


The Russian company Gazprom announced this Friday the signing of an agreement with the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), for the supply of natural gas to the Chinese company through a gas pipeline located on the Far East route.


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The entity specified that the alliance will boost the increase in the volume of Russian gas supplied to the Asian giant to 10,000 million cubic meters, for a total of 48,000 million meters per year.

It should be noted that the Gazprom company stressed that Russia’s new gas pipeline, called Soyuz Vostok, will enable the shipment of 50,000 million cubic meters of gas per year to the Chinese nation.

β€œThe signing of the second contract for the supply of Russian gas to China testifies to the highest level of mutual trust and partnership between our countries and companies. Our Chinese partners at CNPC have already managed to ensure that Gazprom is a reliable gas supplier,” said Alexey Miller, president of the Russian company.

In another order, the Russian oil company, Rosneft, together with the CNPC sealed their strategic cooperation, by signing a document that guarantees the supply of 100 million tons of oil to the Chinese nation, through the Kazakhstan route.

According to the directors, the hydrocarbon will be processed in the northwest region of China to meet the demand for fuel in the Asian nation, in a temporary period of 10 years.

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