China and India resume dialogue in the face of military tension on common border | News

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Military representatives of India and China began on Wednesday the 14th round of talks at the level of commanders, in which they will try to activate the stalled process of disengagement and disengagement of troops and combat means in the eastern Indian territory of Ladakh.


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The new round of negotiations on the pending problems in the so-called Current Line of Control (ALC), the de facto border between the two countries in the Ladakh area, Kashmir, seeks to advance in establishing trust between the two opposing forces.

Security sources said that the Indian side expects a "constructive dialogue" with China to resolve areas of balance friction throughout LAC.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said: "Currently, the situation in the border areas is generally stable and the two sides are in dialogue and communication through diplomatic and military channels."

The previous meeting, held last October, ended to no avail. During the negotiations, India stressed to China the need to take measures to restore peace on the de facto border, an initiative that did not receive support from Beijing.

"The fourteenth round of negotiations at the level of corps commanders began today [el 12 de enero] at the Chushul-Moldo meeting point (...). The Indian side is headed by ... Lieutenant General Anindya Sengupta, "the ANI news agency said.

Indian government sources said the talks this time are expected to lead to a resolution in the Hot Springs area, where a limited number of troops from both sides continue to clash.

The Indian and Chinese armies along the border have been in a state of alarm since May 2020, when around 250 Chinese and Indian soldiers clashed.

Tensions escalated after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in fighting in the Galwan Valley on June 15. This led to both sides gradually deploying tens of thousands of soldiers and heavy weaponry along the border.

The first round of the Lieutenant General's talks took place on June 6, during which both sides finalized an agreement to gradually withdraw from all points of confrontation, starting with the Galwan Valley.

However, several rounds of military and diplomatic talks have only resulted in a partial troop withdrawal so far.

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