China adopts new measures on the rise of Covid-19 cases | News

Several regions of China are on alert and are adopting measures in the face of the increase in infections with Covid-19 and the detection of the first cases with the Omicron variant in provinces such as Tianjiny Henan.


Chinese city of Tianjin begins massive tests for Covid-19

According to the Chinese National Health Commission, 31 provincial-level regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, in the mainland of the country reported 11,688 imported cases and no deaths. Authorities are concerned about the increase in outbreaks within weeks of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Cities like Xian are under lockdown in their third week as a preventive measure. In Tianjin, located to the north, the infections are linked to two cases of Omicron reported this Monday in the city of Anyang.

Local authorities in Henan detected two Covid-19 infections in the city of Anyang, in central China, and consider that the cases are also due to links with those detected in Jinnan, in the municipality of Tianjin.

Schools and universities were closed and trains between Tianjin and Beijing were canceled. The capital city established roadblocks for entering vehicles.

Tianjin ordered tests for its 14 million inhabitants, as another 21 cases were detected in this city, despite not confirming whether they correspond to the new variant.

Some 2.9 billion doses of vaccines have already been applied in mainland China, according to the National Health Commission.