Chilpancingo of the Ardillos!

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Raul Flores Martinez.

The mobilizations of hundreds of people in Chilpancingo were subsidized by the criminal organization Los Ardillos, who are collecting favors from Governor Evelyn Salgado.

According to the leaked information, the now governor of Guerrero, along with her father, made agreements to divide the state with other criminal organizations, to "keep it in peace" while the criminals did their illicit business.

However, it did not turn out as expected. The mobilizations that have been registered in the last three days are in charge of a subject identified by national security as Gilmar Jaír Sereno Chávez, 39, who had already participated in several mobilizations in Guerrero.

The information indicates that on February 16, 2022, they organized similar demonstrations in Quechultenango, since they also demanded the release of a detained person and the departure of the security forces from the municipality.

Another of the targets located within these mobilizations is Guillermo Matías Marrón, who named himself the President of the Organization of Commissioners of Guerrero. This individual owns a construction company, but has several criminal cases.

The information that is already available within the security areas, including the National Guard, Gilmar Jaír is considered the main spokesperson for the protesters, Guillermo Matías, has mysteriously inaugurated various public works together with mayors of the Mountain Region.” despite the fact that it has various complaints for irregularities in the construction of the highways to Chilpancingo, Acatepec, Chilapa and Hueycantenango.

The mobilizations that paralyzed the municipality of Chilpancingo for long hours were only a small sample of the strength that the criminal organizations that have strengthened themselves within the mountains of Guerrero and parts of the sierra have gained, organizations that can generate instability for the government. of Evelyn Salgado, that we must not forget that she is married to one of the sons of the prestanombres Héctor Beltrán Leyva.

Today we know that Los Ardillos have great power that is supported based on the distribution of gifts to hundreds of families in the mountains, who sometimes plant ball corn (poppy) and marijuana.

Those gifts that are three times what the Government of Mexico gives to low-income families every two months; The difference with these organized crime groups is that these resources are daily or weekly, depending on the occasion.

What is a fact is that the government of Guerrero and the Federal Government will not get their hands dirty with the blood of criminals, they will not allow these drug trafficking groups to be mistreated by the authorities despite the fact that they put a entire society.

The charge Chilpancingo de los Ardillos! first appeared in The Arsenal.

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