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The Constitutional Council of Chile delivered this Tuesday the proposed Magna Carta to President Gabriel Boric in a ceremony prior to the plebiscite that will be held on December 17.


Chilean right calls to vote for proposed Constitution

"Now that the work of the Constitutional Council has concluded and we have a second proposal for a political Constitution, the definitive time of the citizens opens, now it is their voice and decision that truly matters," said the president.

During the event that took place in the Hall of Honor of the headquarters of the National Congress in Santiago, Chile, Boric stated that he trusted “the wisdom” of the Chilean people, who will decide the adoption or rejection of the project.

"The important thing is that citizens can express themselves with complete freedom in the plebiscite of December 17, this implies generating the conditions for an electoral process that is unobjectionable and expeditious," he noted.

Although the head of state has expressed his disagreement with this proposal, he assured that if it is approved "there will be no doubt that, as a Government, we will fully comply with its correct implementation."

Last week, regarding the process, Boric stated that there was no consensus but rather a “circumstantial” majority while highlighting that “the same mistakes of the previous process were made, the learning was not integrated as we all would have expected.”

On October 30, the Constitutional Council of Chile approved the text with 33 votes in favor, 17 votes against and no abstentions as part of the second constitutional process in less than four years.

The proposal, which aims to replace the 1980 Constitution adopted during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, has received harsh criticism from the Chilean left, which claims that the current project does not guarantee fundamental social rights, such as access to public education.

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