Chilean President Promulgates New Gun Control Law | News

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera enacted a new gun control law on Thursday that seeks to increase the requirements for acquiring and owning firearms.


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Piñera pointed out that the regulations offer higher penalties for crimes involving firearms and arms trafficking, which will improve security and tranquility in the South American country.

After 14 years of discussion in Congress, deputies and senators approved by a large majority on Wednesday, the legal initiative, which among other points provides for an increase in judicial penalties related to the use of weapons in Chile.

The Head of State assured that this law proposes the total regulation and registration of the use, trafficking and sale of firearms, through the identification of those who acquire or transfer arms or enter them from abroad, in addition to those places where they are used for sporting purposes.

Among the relevant points of the new arms law are that the unauthorized sale of ammunition becomes a crime. The delivery of weapons to minors increases from 541 days to 5 years in prison.

The crime of adulteration, alteration or destruction of the weapons traceability system is also added.

From the enactment of the law, to request a firearm, the certification of a psychiatrist will be required, as well as the completion of maintenance and handling courses for these devices.