Chilean politicians resume debate on constituent process | News

Parliamentary representatives of the Chilean political parties resume this Friday the dialogue to negotiate a new constitutional process, in a day where intense debates are expected due to the diversity of political positions present in that instance.


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It was conceived that the meeting will be held at the National Congress in Santiago (capital), and will be led by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Raúl Soto, and the leader of the Senate, Álvaro Elizalde, who asked the participants to go with concrete proposals .

Both Soto and Elizalde have repeatedly assured that the process will not be exclusive, due to requests to remove the Executive from the talks, by the right-wing party Vamos Chile.

In this sense, the opposition coalition of Chile has stated that it will request the establishment of a committee of experts that allows projecting the elements that must be included in the future Magna Carta of the South American country.

On this subject, the communist deputy Boris Barrera has declared to local media that if this were to occur, the new constitution project would be delegitimized.

“One of the problems with the 1980 Constitution was the vice of origin, first because it was made during a dictatorship and second, by a small group of experts. That does not give it legitimacy and doing it again in the same way is going to limit how democratic this process can be, ”he specified.

In a similar line of thought, the leader of the Chilean Socialist Party, Paulina Vodanovic, considers that conditioning the points of the dialogue before the debate will not facilitate the negotiations.

Questioned recently in New York on the subject, in the context of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, Chilean President Gabriel Boric stressed that although the Government will accompany the process, it will not intervene in the final decisions on the content of a possible agreement.