Chilean government demands the end of the truckers’ strike | News

The Minister of the Interior of Chile, Manuel Monsalve, urged truckers this Thursday to stop the strike on the routes that they have blocked for the fourth consecutive day, while those persist in their demand for lower fuel prices and more security in the roads.


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The head of the portfolio specified that the Government has proposed freezing the value of diesel for three months, in addition to extending the return of the specific tax by one year; however, mobilizations have been maintained that prevent the normal functioning of the country.

“It is a solid, forceful proposal and one that has a large fiscal expense. Fiscal resources cannot be used only to solve problems of a specific group, no matter how legitimate their demands may be,” Monsalve emphasized.

The truckers union keeps a group of highways blocked despite the fact that on Wednesday night the Government presented 13 complaints invoking the State Security Law, out of a total of 27 drafted and sent.

Monsalve added that the Internal Security Law of the State will be applied against those who incite, organize, promote or execute the alteration of normal transit through the country’s routes.

The strike began last Monday by the Fuerza del Norte Confederation of Transporters and the Paine Truck Owners and Drivers Association, who are demanding a six-month reduction in fuel prices and greater safety on the routes.