Chilean electoral court proclaims Gabriel Boric president | News

The Qualifying Court of Elections (Tricel) of Chile officially proclaimed this Monday, in a brief act, the victory of the Broad Front candidate, Gabriel Boric, in the presidential elections of December 19, two months before his inauguration , scheduled for next March 11.


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On December 19, it was indicated at the ceremony, “the electors concurred to vote in the second ballot to elect the President of the Republic of Chile, having obtained Mr. Gabriel Boric Font the majority of the validly cast votes, a process that the Qualifying Court of Elections has been declared valid and in accordance with the law “.

Thus, the authorities of the organization proceeded to sign the minutes, which were later received by the president-elect. Boric received the envelope with the proclamation certificate after winning with 55.8 percent of the validly cast votes, that is, more than 4.6 million.

His opponent, the far-right José Antonio Kast, obtained 44.1 percent, with a million votes less than Boric.

The instance was also attended by the president of the Senate, Ximena Rincón; the president of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, Diego Paulsen; the president of the Constitutional Convention, María Elisa Quinteros, the president of the board of directors of the Electoral Service (Servel), Andrés Tagle; the Comptroller General of the Republic, Jorge Bermúdez; among others.

When appearing before the press, Boric said that “it feels something difficult to express and transmit (…). The fiber of the institutions goes beyond the vital experiences of each one of us.”

Boric will come to take office with 35 years and one month of life, just over Manuel Blanco Encalada who became president with 36 years and three months.