Chilean court sentences murderers of Allende's bodyguards | News

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The Supreme Court of Chile handed down the final sentence on Tuesday for the murder and kidnapping of members of Salvador Allende's personal bodyguard, confirming responsibility for the events of the late retired general Vicente RodrĂ­guez Bustos.


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The decision points to the kidnapping of Domingo Blanco Tarrés and José Belisario Carreño, in addition to the murder of Gonzalo Jorquera Leyton, Carlos Cruz Zavala, Luis Gamboa Pizarro, Pedro Garcés Portiagliati, Óscar Marambio Araya, Edmundo Montero Salazar, Jorge Orrego González, William Ramírez Barría and Enrique Ropert Contreras.

The highest judicial instance revoked the ruling of the Court of Appeals and condemned the retired general of the Air Force (FACH) Vicente RodrĂ­guez Bustos, who died in September 2020, for which it ordered that the investigating minister decree the corresponding definitive and partial dismissal in his regard.

According to the endorsed document, ten escorts belonging to the "Grupo de Amigos Personales del Presidente" (GAP) tried to reach the La Moneda Palace on September 11, 1973 to join the then President Allende in his resistance. Most of them were found on September 19, 1973, on the banks of the Mapocho River.

"They got down armed with their weapons, but were discovered and ordered to hand them over by a contingent of Carabineros (...) the members of President Allende's personal guard were taken to the police prefecture offices inside the Municipality."

The legal document establishes that the direct relatives of the victims will have to be compensated with amounts that range approximately between 5,825 and 93,200 dollars, according to the proximity of the relationship.

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